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The Law Offices of Traci M. Hinden is a boutique law firm. It represents Plaintiffs in their employment and housing Civil Rights claims, including individual and class actions and Personal injuries claims. Ms Hinden also represents lien claimants and providers in workers compensation and before the DWC.

"Our whole constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men's minds."

-Thurgood Marshall, American Jurist and Lawyer, 1908-1993

Employment - Civil Rights

The Firm regularly represents Plaintiffs in their Employment Civil Rights Matters. The firm counsels disabled persons and persons of other “suspect” classes regarding their employment rights. Other classes include: those harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against based upon their: race • color • ancestry • religion . gender (pregnancy or sex) • sexual orientation • ethnicity • marital status • veterans • national origin • age • denial of medical leave • medical condition • perceived disability • denial of accommodation or of leave to take care of family.

In addition to discrimination or harassment or retaliation based on suspect classes (listed above), the Firm handles other Labor & Employment matters for Plaintiffs, which include: Failure to provide rest/meal break; Failure to pay overtime (wage & hour violations); Requirement to use own tools; Tip sharing with managers; Failure to accommodate & engage in interactive process.

Free Intake

The firm offers a free intake and represents clients for matters based in California only, and on both an hourly and contingent basis. The Law Offices Of Traci M. Hinden is devoted to keeping its clients happy and responds promptly to its clients’ concerns. If you are concerned about an incident at work, a response you have received from your supervisor or higher management, or are being asked to resign, contact the Law Offices of Traci M. Hinden today to safeguard your rights.

Personal Injury

The Firm provides representation of Plaintiffs in Personal injury cases. The types of cases the Firm handles includes: Motor vehicle, slip & fall cases and premises liability.

Workers Comp Medical Lien Claims

The Firm also represents Medical Lien Claimants in Workers Compensation. For these clients, the Firm provides: Advice and counseling about current collection procedures; Representation at depositions, hearings, or consolidations before the WCAB or the DWC, and at negotiations; Response to abusive subpoenas, objections, and notice to produce.


Ms. Hinden is a certified mediator and mediates all kinds of cases for the last couple of years. She is available to handle all types of disputes. Please inquire with us for rates and specifics.

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